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SunCoast Seals' Dive Club promotes participation in the sport of SCUBA and Skin-diving. (see Purpose) The club is a not for profit organization dedicated to the sportsmanship and competitiveness of Spear fishing. Members hail primarily from the West Coast and Central Florida areas. 

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The purposes, for which the Suncoast Seals Dive Club, Inc. is formed, are to establish, maintain, and administer spearhunting and diving activities and events which will raise funds for educational, research, environmental and civic projects conducted by the Corporation and from time to time in partnership with other nonprofit organizations, educational and research institutions and conservation organizations to:

  • protect the sustainability of marine fisheries.

  • help alleviate or correct problems caused by over utilization or mismanagement of marine resources.

  • provide more reliable scientific analysis of marine fisheries.

  • increase the general public's knowledge of and awareness of fishery populations.

  • reduce or alleviate environmental damage, and, where necessary, promote reasonable and effective private, recreational, commercial and governmental fisheries management policies through direct participation, and fundraising, education, involvement, activism.


The Corporation will also engage in cooperative fisheries research, educational and fundraising events such as fishing tournaments and environmental clean up events, marine habitat reconstruction and development, reef building, and the like.

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