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2023 Southern Open Waiver of Liability

Must read completely. Please note that there will be absolutely no refunds. Personal information (phone, Email) etc. is only for internal use by the Suncoast Seals of Florida and FSDA.


PLEASE READ EACH OF THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS AND Indicate you have read and understand by clicking “agree” in the online entry form indicating that THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND EACH STATEMENT.



______I have read the rules of the tournament and I agree to abide by these rules

______I am over the age of 18. If not, my legal guardian authorizes my entry in this tournament in writing.

______I hereby acknowledge that if weather conditions turn to small craft advisories or small craft warnings, it is my responsibility to monitor weather radio and seek safe harbor if conditions warrant.

______I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the dangers involved in boating, breath-hold diving, scuba diving, handling all types of fish including Lionfish, and spearfishing in general. Further, I am choosing to participate in this event during a global COVID-19 pandemic and am taking precautions to protect myself and those around me.

______I am aware that these tournament activities require physical exertion and stress.

______I am aware that the boat captain is responsible for the safe operation of the boat and the safety of the passengers therein.

______I am participating in these activities with the full knowledge of, and the acceptance of all the risks these activities entail, and the dangers involved

. ______I am voluntarily participating in this tournament.

______I willingly agree to accept the risk of injury, disability, physical and/or emotional suffering, property damage and/or death to others and myself.

______I understand that the Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA) and the Suncoast Seals of Florida, Inc may use photographs and video of me or my fish to promote spearfishing and the tournament, and I agree to allow said use without compensation

. ______I agree that I, my survivors, beneficiaries, heirs and personal representatives, will not and may not seek any compensation, damages, legal costs, or expenses, including attorney fees, from the FSDA, FSDA officers, FSDA tournament director, FSDA members, Widow Fletcher’s , The Suncoast Seals of Florida, Inc., the FSDA member dive clubs, the dive club officers, their members, or any FSDA individual members, and all FSDA volunteers and any and all sponsors and advertisers of this tournament for any injury, property damage, or death, suffered by myself or others as a result of my participation in this spearfishing tournament. *Each person that CLICKS “Agree” on the entry form is affirming that he/she has read this complete waiver and agrees to ASSUME ALL THE RISKS INVOLVED in this activity. Furthermore, by clicking ”AGREE” on the registration form, the participant states that he/she understands this Liability Waiver, agrees to its terms and agrees of his/her own free-will.

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